studying UCSC more – just a month and a half away!

hey guys,

i had a productive sunday, but i won’t get into it too much.  i’m still eagerly prepping for UCSC.  i’m tryna figure out the laundry situation, look up my mailing address, and pin down the location of all of my classes.  i’ll definitely make a trip to go see each classroom after the quarter begins and before classes start.  i’m also hoping to start hearing from my professors soon with syllabi or at least a list of required texts/materials for class.  i know the lines at the bookstore will be ridiculous.  fortunately, some advisers have recommended some off-campus locations to purchase textbooks.

i’m gonna have to learn patience as i walk around campus from place to place.  right now, i’m super spoiled having a car and being able to drive everywhere i wanna go in a heartbeat.  i’ll just have to continually remind myself that walking/hiking around campus is a great workout and will be really refreshing with redwood trees everywhere.  i personally think walking around campus is enjoyable right now, but i’ll let you know once i get there…it might be even better than i’m dreaming it to be.  it’s so beautiful on campus.  you all needa go visit.  so many people think it’s the most beautiful campus in america.  cornell was also an amazing campus, but they’re amazing in such different ways.




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