there’s definitely something wrong with one of my right molars


hey guys,

something that’s been weighing on my mind these past two weeks (from before my rhode island trip) is the pain on the right side of my mouth.  it all started when i was having lunch a few weeks back at a local thai restaurant, and i noticed one of my right molars was super sensitive to cold.  whenever i sipped on some ice water, it would hurt, and i would cringe.  i’m not unfamiliar with dental pain, and i know that catching it early can sometimes nip it in the bud. so i called my dental office immediately before things escalated.  fortunately, they were willing to see me that same day, so i rushed into their office, which is only 10 minutes away from my workplace.

they took some pics and ran some tests to find that my tooth was fractured, because one of my fillings expanded.  apparently, silver fillings only have a lifespan of 10-15 years, so a cavity i had as a kid was catching up to me now.  i then scheduled an appointment to get a temporary crown in, and that was two weeks ago.  apparently, i’m supposed to feel “discomfort” for up to two weeks, but it’s been past two weeks now.  i’m going in again this tuesday to get the permanent crown in, and after that, is when i’ll really know whether or not i’ll need a root canal therapy or not.  i’m traumatized from a previous root canal therapy that went very very wrong.

all of this is also really expensive.  dentists make ridiculous money.  pray that i don’t need a root canal therapy and that the discomfort dissipates.  as of now, i still can’t handle cold or hard foods on the right side of my mouth.  and let me tell you, it’s a really uneasy feeling having to chew cautiously with my every bite no matter what the food is or how soft it is.  yiiiiikes…

gonna distract myself with the adele concert tonight to 8) ah well, you win some, you lose some.



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