how my day ended up today

busy day.png

hey guys!!

a pleasure to find time to blog.  i have a feeling once school starts, i’ll just be stealing minutes here and there to try to update you on everything that happens.  today ended up being nonstop.  so, this morning, i went to my aunt’s house to eat brunch and play with my cousins.  i try to never go to their house empty-handed, so for example, today i brought a bunch of different flavored ramune marble drinks and calpico drinks (four flavors each), some lobster crackers, and a tub of coconut jelly cups.  we hung out like we always do.  recently, my cousin’s been really into pokemon go, so we went to catch pokemon at 3 nearby parks: creekside, wilson, and sedgwick (ok, i guess sedgwick is more like a school).

then i went straight to help my friend move from downtown san jose to another area in san jose.  that took up a tonnn of time, cuz i didn’t realize how much he had to move.  i have a really small 2-door bmw 328i, and i already keep a lot of stuff in my trunk.  i didn’t anticipate he’d need to move so much stuff, but there were a ton of boxes and bags.  i did offer beforehand to use a minivan to help him (the old minivan i drove in high school that we christened “old faithful”), but we ended up taking two trips with my small beamer, and then we went to explore the area a bit, so he could scope out places to eat, shop, do laundry, etc. and we were also on the hunt for an air mattress for him to temporarily sleep on.  one thing added to another, and we spent like 3 hours on stuff.  it was hot as balls the whole time, so we’d be dripping with sweat, then get in the car with the AC on full blast, then drip with sweat, then get in the car with the AC on full blast, and then drip some more with sweat.  anyways, afterwards i went to pick up pierre to bring him to my board gaymes group and depression support group.  after that, we all hit up a cafe to get dessert.  and then i went to wash up at the gym and now i’m at the office tryna chip away at some of the work i didn’t get around to doing today.

i know i won’t have much time tmrw either, cuz i’m picking up a friend from the san jose airport tomorrow morning, grabbing lunch, hopefully getting some work done, getting dinner with a friend, then heading to the adele concert!  i’m going with the friend i helped move today.  he the homie tho.

craaaaaay.  i’m hoping to get some chill time on sunday.  sunday hopefully will just be church, lunch with friends, laundry, dinner with friends, and hopefully not much more.

love you guys! take care and keep fighting the good fight.



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