yeaaaaah, it’s confirmed! i’m gonna be in the LGBTQ/Allies hall in porter college at UCSC this fall

hey guys!

now that i’m single and mingling, i’m starting to realize who is my type and who definitely isn’t.  so now, i’m trying to practice successfully friend-zoning people by saying no or simply ignoring them.  that can suck cuz you lose some good friends, but at the same time, you hope they get the hint, cuz you’re obviously not intentionally leading people on – that would just be evil.  it’s funny, but i’d rather no one be attracted to me than to have to deal with the excess attention, especially if the said person is nowhere near my type.  i definitely have a type, and if you’re not my type..then i would just drop the whole thing.  sorry!  but let’s not waste your time or mine.  so, yeah. stop right there.  it doesn’t flatter me, it just makes me feel guilty for being so …awesome.  seriously tho, chances are that my standards are higher than you.


to lighten the mood a bit…i found out today that i’m gonna be living in a single in the LGBTQ/Allies hall in the transfer community (specifically Porter College Building A)!! YEAHHH!!  i am sooooo psyched about it!  heck yeah!  it’s been my top choice all along.  i think there are tons of advantages to living in the LGBTQ/Allies hall that i’m sure i will discover more of after i get there.  it’s totally confirmed and everything, cuz i requested both a single and to be in the lgbtq hall through housing accommodations.  such good news!  definitely made my day.

life is too good, mah homies!!  but, i earned it.




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