i just made a super ballsy move changing my schedule

hey guys!

so i was not 100% satisfied with my course schedule, but it was really really hectic during orientation, for me at least, when it came to our enrollment period, cuz everyone was waiting to enroll at the same time at 2pm sharp.   so, we were all basically refreshing the page like maniacs trying to get into all their classes at exactly 2pm.  unfortunately, the server crashed on me, so i lost out on some of my top choices and just went with an “intro to film analysis” class as a GE.  i was happy with it cuz it satisfied two requirements for me, but the timing wasn’t ideal.  it made my mondays and wednesdays really light and my tuesdays and thursdays really heavy, and my classes ended being back to back to back with no rest inbetween..so i decided to check the classes again today and for some reason, space cleared up on a GE i originally wanted – “intro to ethical theory,” which is a philosophy class.  i wouldn’t have swapped it, except it evened out how much class and free time i had on mondays and wednesdays with how much class and free time i had on tuesdays and thursdays so much more.  this swap also leaves my fridays completely free for three day weekends every weekend!

i’m glad i swapped, cuz if i have a light day on mondays and wednesdays, i’m most likely not gonna get anything done and then be overstressed and overworked on tuesdays and thursdays when all my classes would be.  i’ve had this happen in college, where i think a light day on certain days of the week will allow me to get work done on that day, but i seriously end up doing nothing when that happens.  i need to build off the momentum of going in and out of classes to drive me to stay focused.  i also like that now i have time to eat between classes or get last minute homework done between classes.  my previous schedule was just back to back to back classes – too much.  also, the location my classes makes much more sense now and are much closer to one another.

long story short, this is a much better scenario!  go me for being brave and daring to change up the schedule that i thought was set in stone.  3 classes really doesn’t seem like much.  i’m trying to think back on my times at cornell, where i think i usually took 4 classes or more, but that’s cuz all those classes were 3units, whereas these ucsc ones are 5 units each.

class schedule.png

this should be my finalized schedule.  how ucsc works is that usually students take two courses in their major and one course as a GE.  i’ve already shared that i’m taking “intro to ethical theory” as my GE course now, so my two literature department ones are Lit 1 and Lit 91B.  i’m super surprised i didn’t pass out of the Lit 1 requirement (which is necessary to declare the creative writing major), considering i took Lit 1A, 1B, and 2 at de anza, but apparently i needed to take 1C.  i’m not bitter about it, cuz i think it’d be a really good refresher and somewhat of a warm up to some of the more serious classes in the major later on.  it’s always good to review important knowledge and information.  my second Lit class is Lit 91B, which is intermediate poetry writing, and it is so on!  i look forward to taking Lit 91A at some point as well, which is the intermediate fiction writing class that you have to try out to get into.

we’ll see how it all goes down.

let’s do this and thanks for tuning in!!



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