today’s just one of those days where…everything’s going my way!

hey everyone!

this day has been going ridiculously well.  oh, happy day!  i woke up this morning, walked pierre, checked emails, then went straight to UCSC for an appointment with the DRC.  actually, i explored santa cruz a bit first when i got there, cuz i wanted to see where my therapist’s office would be, so i don’t get lost going there this thursday.  i’m glad i did that, cuz the GPS was wrong, just as the therapist had warned.  anyways!  afterwards, i headed over to campus and had a little trouble parking, cuz i guess summer session started today?  so there were a billion people tryna park everywhere.  i managed to get to my appointment on time, due to my good habit of always being early.  i also ran into a future classmate of mine in line to get the parking permits, so that was super cool.  she sat next to me at orientation.

once i got to the DRC, i had a really good appointment with my DRC coordinator, and she was training someone else who also sat in on the session.  pierre behaved super well and just passed out on the couch next to me.  during the appointment, we figured out how academic accommodations for the fall work and how to request those services.  i was super happy to find that pierre is absolutely 100% allowed to go with me to class. that being said, i probably would only bring him very occasionally for special days.  in addition to that, i get a bunch of other accommodations that i don’t really wanna get into here, cuz…yeah i feel like that stuff should be kept private.

i will tell you, however, that they gifted me a smart pen and everything that comes with it! plus, they showed me how to use it.  it basically records the whole class and is super super high tech.  say i missed a part of lecture, all i have to do is click the point in my notes i got lost at, and it’ll replay the lesson at that point.  i can record the whole class and upload it onto my computer.  they provided me with lots of ink refills, cables, and a 3-subject notebook (which is perfect, cuz i’ll be taking 3 courses in the fall).  in these notebooks are buttons that i can press to signal the smart pen to perform commands.  it’s kinda hard to explain, but it’s so easy to learn how to use and is gonna be soooo baller when it comes to academics this fall.  the buttons inside the notebook aren’t actual buttons, they’re more like symbols that are printed on the paper, but the smart pen is so smart that whenever you click any of the buttons, it knows exactly what to do and reacts immediately.  some examples of the functions are below:


go smart pens!  my DRC coordinator totally has my back on everything, it’s so great.  she’s been super informative and helpful, so i definitely appreciate her and will get her a nice gift sometime.

after i finished up at the DRC and learned how to use the smart pen, i went right across the hall to the student housing office to get info on moving in early (which i’m doing wednesday september 14) and what to/not to bring to the dorms.  my friends are gonna help move me in, and i’m also super grateful to them for being willing to help!  i think the plan is for them to drive in their own car and for me to drive in my own car, so i can stay on campus and park my car.  santa cruz will be “home base” then.

then on my way home, i called a local subway to complain about something.  last wednesday the 20th, i walked into a subway at around 6pm to grab a quick dinner to go, and i had pierre with me.  one of the employees told me to keep my dog outside, so i explained how he’s actually a service dog, and the employee persisted, saying it didn’t matter, pierre had to wait outside.  so i got super upset about it and called the police.  forrreals.  don’t worry, the first thing i said was that it wasn’t an emergency, i just wanted to ask a few questions about what i should do in that scenario.  they were willing to dispatch police out to the subway, but i had already left by then.  so they told me over the phone to definitely call the manager and note the time/place this happened.  so i finally got around to calling the manager about it on my drive home from santa cruz today, cuz she hadn’t been in the office the past few days.  even tho i was really polite about it, she totally understood and apologized profusely, knew exactly which staff member i was referring to, and promised she would speak to all her employees about rules regarding service animals.  i was really happy with how the phone call went.  so that was great!  i felt really good for sticking up for myself.

peace out,



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