about to restructure my whole life at the coolest campus ever!

redwood trees

hey guys,

how crazy is it to think that in less than two months, my whole life is gonna change entirely.  i’m gonna be surrounded by thousands of peers, living a meaningful and purposeful life.  yesss!  i get excited just thinking about it.  it’s gonna be so great.

i’m gonna try moving in early on wednesday september 14 to beat the rush.  i’m trying to figure out what i want in my room rn.  i’m thinking a mini fridge stocked with beer all the time would be a good decision, no?  hahaha.  i also have some cool furniture i’d like to move in, and i might actually have space for it in my single.  one problem i notice is that there is no hanging closet, so i guess i’ll have to fold my shirts to put in drawers.  minor issue, i know.  we’ll see what happens!  it should be fun times for sure.

i’m starting to study maps of campus a little more closely, tho i’m sure i’ll still get lost all the time there.  fortunately, there’s a computer lab super close to the building i’m gonna live in, which is great, cuz i’m sure i’ll be printing out tons of essays there.  i like the location of my classes, tho some are far away from the building i’ll be living in.  the walk will be good, and there are always shuttles if i run late.  peace, guys!



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