my course schedule is pretty chill considering i enrolled in such a rush

hey guys,

so a lot went down at orientation that i wasn’t able to fully blog about, nor will i ever.  i’m starting to really scrutinize my schedule and envision what my daily life will be like at ucsc.  i’m mapping out in my head which classes are where, which dining halls i would go to between classes, when i would study for each class, what extracurricular activities i can allocate time to, etc.  it’s exciting!  looks like my courseload will be a lot lighter on mondays and wednesdays, whereas tuesdays and thursdays might be a bit more intense.  i only have one time commitment on friday mornings, which allows for some awesome weekend fun.  there’s so much in the santa cruz area to be excited about: the proximity to carmel, monterey, and half moon bay as well as all the national parks around campus…but i suspect i’ll be overwhelmed with everything happening within campus that i won’t have much reason to wander.

school is gonna start sooner than i think, so i better start shopping for necessities soon to beat all those back-to-school lines.  kinda stressful to think about it all, but it should be a really great new chapter. next quarter, i’ll be able to put a lot more thought into my schedule before enrollment period creeps up on me.  but i’m pumped for this first quarter – let’s do this!

i’m heading to my friend’s bday party now.  it’s kinda scary driving with these massive balloons floating around everywhere; i get some major blindspots, so i hope i get there safe.

peace guys love you all!



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