oh my goodness guys i’m exhausted – ucsc orientation was today

hey friends,


it’s hard to find time to post everyday, especially in days like these.  but i’m gonna do it!  for me and for you!

today has been all about ucsc.  my mom and i got up at 6am and went straight to ucsc for orientation day today!  whooo go slugs!  there was breakfast, schmoozing, and some welcome speeches before we all broke off into our majors.  today’s summer orientation day was all for transfer students, which was cool.  i felt like i fit right in, cuz we were all around the same age, with the exception of a few students who ppl kept thinking were parents.  we played a bunch of icebreaker games to get to know each other.  i would say there were a good 30-40 of us who were literature/creative writing majors.  it was definitely a lot more meaningful meeting them than ppl outside my major, cuz we’re in it for the long haul.  we met with our academic advisors, residential colleges, got tours of dorm rooms, enrolled for classes, and just ran around the massive campus all day.

IMG_9056.jpgthe parents had their own schedule and program, so i only got to see my mom and pierre for like 10% of the day.  every time pierre saw me, he would run up to me and lick me all over.  and apparently, every time i left, he super missed me.  he’s been doing so well as a service animal.  i think he passes all the tests and is really ready to go to join me in school.  i think i’ll give it a week or two without him to see if he’s able to eat/drink without me at home and for me to get used to my schedule of classes.

i’m happy with my schedule considering i was totally scrambling to get enrolled on time.  that was def the biggest stressor of the day – figuring out my academic workload and what GE class i wanted to take.  i ended up choosing intro to film analysis…good enough for me!  i have so many more GEs to take.


i’m regaining a lot of confidence in my ability to make new friends and to adjust to college life.  i got this!  some other great news today was that i found out i got a single room in the building that i wanted to live in.  well i guess it’s not a single cuz pierre will be my roomie 🙂  i dono if i got into the lgbt/allies hall like i wanted to yet, so i’m hanging on tight til mid august to find out all the details.  the single rooms are massive compared to the proportional space ppl get in doubles or triples, so i’m super happy about it.  i also found out some of the dining halls have extended their hours.  the majority of them used to close at 7pm, but a few are gonna be open til 11pm now, which is baller cuz my classes are right by those ones.


also if you guys are my friends on fb, def go there for more pics.  sometimes, i post on my facebook, and i almost do it in lieu of posting here.  i know a lot of you don’t know me in person and don’t have access to my fb…but i guess that’s just the way it goes!


the weather was super good today, and i was also really happy to see where some of the tennis courts were on campus.  i was also happy to hear there are pingpong tables all over campus.  game on!!  i’m also still in the process of shopping for a therapist.  just gotta keep making those phone calls.  i’ve heard back from a few, but knowing how picky i am, i gotta line a handful up.

something else i wanna note is that i am definitely gonna lose weight at ucsc whether i like it or not.  there’s simply not the time in the day to be snacking casually the way i do now.  today was so busy that i just had to scarf down every meal in efforts to have energy to continue on and not be hangry lol.  i’m just much more disciplined when i’m busy and around others.  walking around campus is no joke, yo!  it’s reminiscent of cornell’s campus the way it’s uphill and downhill.  aite guys, i need to do other things now.

blog to you later!



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