holy crap mylar balloons are expensive

hey guys!


this weekend has been super chill so far.  i got up this morning, brought pierre to my psychiatrist appointment, and then went to a mental health “wellness village day” in hellyer county park.  i was really surprised at how many people were there.  i had to park like super far away and walk over, which was cool cuz there were other people walking, and pierre enjoyed the nature.  the food was really good at the event, and i got to hang with friends i hadn’t seen in a while 🙂  i didn’t realize how plugged in i was to the mental health community until i noticed myself saying hi to like absolutely everyone there.

after the park event, i went to party city to put in a balloon order and didn’t realize how expensive mylar balloons were.  it’s totally worth it tho; it’s for a good friend’s bday party tonight.  the theme is ocean/nautical, so i got a mylar shark balloon and then latex balloons in all shades of white and blue to go with it.  i hope she doesn’t read this post, but i guess it’s not much of a surprise anyways.  i’m gonna pick them up after i get dinner at the cheesecake factory in palo alto, cuz they don’t close til 8:30pm and i don’t wanna risk leaving the balloons at my house or in my car for that long of a time in this hot weather.  i’m meeting a really good friend and her new roommate at the cheesecake factory, so i’m excited about that!  i’m starting to really enjoy meeting new people and connecting with them – which is what college life is all about. yeaaaaaaa go college!

i still needa make a bunch of phone calls to shop for therapists in the santa cruz area, but probably won’t have time to until tmrw night or monday.  life has been super hectic and busy lately.  sorry if i haven’t been able to make time for y’all.  life’s cray.  i’m also meeting with my DRC coordinator on monday to figure out academic accommodations for me for the coming years at ucsc.  alright, but that’s enough i’ll stop rambling.

bye guys!  have an awesome weekend!




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