slug night was wild – i loved it!

hey guys!


just got back from slug night, and it was more than i thought it’d be.  i met so many people and had so many real conversations.  i definitely hope to keep in touch with some of the ppl i met and see them throughout the school year, but who knows how things will pan out?


i noticed another girl there that brought her service dog, and he was so cute!  he was a small poodle i think, black-colored.  it definitely encouraged me to seriously consider having pierre with me on campus after i settle in and whatnot.  i had a conversation with someone else about service dogs, and she’s gonna try getting her dog on campus too.  dog party! whoo!


and guess what guys?  i won a raffle for like the first time in my life.  i got a ucsc license plate!  i’m kinda iffy about it, cuz i currently have cornell license plates on both the front and back of my bmw.

i’ll letcha know how orientation goes tmrw as well.  btw therapists have been calling me back, which is great news.  the earlier i shop for one, the earlier i’ll be able to decide on one.  santa cruz therapists seem really friendly so far.


thanks for tuning in, guys!  so pumped to get up at 6am tmrw (NOT), but it’s totally worth it, cuz i can already tell orientation is gonna be a blast.  i’m realizing now that every time i drive home from UCSC, i always wish i were staying there longer.  and home feels more and more foreign every time i get on the other side of the hill.

after i finish up this blog post, i’m gonna start transferring all my stuff from my purse into my backpack and just wear my backpack around everywhere instead.  time to transition into student-mode!

good night everyone,



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