wait..do i want pierre with me on campus

hey guys,

this is another classic case of me being indecisive and confused, but i’m not so sure i wanna add pierre onto my list of responsibilities when i get to UCSC this fall.  it’s already overwhelming enough having to transition into college, at least for the first quarter.  although i am glad i got him certified to be a psychiatric service dog, i’m just not so sure he fits into my life right now.  i’m glad my parents have the option of bringing him on campus to visit me tho – that’s for sure!  but i can’t imagine bringing him to class or to dining halls or other areas of campus.  i’m already getting second thoughts having him tagging along with everything i’ve been up to these past few days.  we’ll see!  i’m sure he’ll understand either way.

another life-changing realization that dawned on me yesterday was that i will be needing to find a new therapist in santa cruz.  even tho my current one is really good for me, i think it’s important to get a fresh start every once in a while.  i will definitely reach out to my current therapist over holiday breaks to see if she can meet up occasionally, but i’ll need to find a solid, stable new one in santa cruz.  unfortunately, UCSC only sets its students up with 5 or 6 counseling sessions before referring them to mental health providers in the city of santa cruz, so i better start shopping around now considering how picky i can be.  i think i’ll start making phone calls sometime within the next few days.  the process of finding a therapist can be such a hassle, cuz i typically am faced with a bunch of answering machines, and it feels like a constant hunt filled with rejection and uncertainty. i’ll get the ball rolling soon enough tho!

thanks for tuning in today.  gonna head to slug night in a bit!



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