slug night’s tonight – ahh!

banana slug.png

eyo eyo!

i’m ’bout to roll through ucsc for slug night tonight.  super excited!  let’s start mixing and mingling.  my mom thinks it’s not a good idea to bring pierre either tonight for slug night or tomorrow for summer orientation, cuz “he’ll be a distraction.”  so i guess i’ll have to show him around campus some other time then.  i’m sure he’ll love the nature.

tbh, this whole process transitioning back to college feels a lot lonelier now than the last time i entered college, and i think it’s because the last time i was prepping to go to college, i knew all my friends were at least doing the same thing, and we were all at the same place in life – about to adjust to a new  life and embark on a new chapter.  this time around, i don’t know anyone that’s gonna be entering college with me, and most of my friends are farther along academically, cuz i lagged hardcore when i took my health leave of absence from cornell to battle depression.  but hey, i’m glad i took the time to combat my mental illness during that time of my life, cuz it has proven to be really transformative and pivotal.  it’s shaped me into who i am today.

i hope i make a good first impression both tonight and tmrw.  pray for me!




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