my new pastor is a total boss!

hey everyone!

i just got back from meeting my new head pastor for the first time, and he is a total homie.  i can’t wait to start attending his church.  it’s refreshing to be in an open and affirming church.  their mindset is so so different than the mindset of some other churches i’ve attended, and it feels almost too good to be true.  pierre did really well too and approves of the church as well 🙂

i’m so happy i got to have such an open, candid, and meaningful conversation with the pastor.  i’m also really really relieved that pierre doesn’t get carsick going back and forth on highway 17, cuz he’s gonna be making that trek often.

plus, help me pray that i get a parking permit this fall, so i can have my car with me in santa cruz.  it’s a selective process and is not guaranteed.  i became more alarmed about the parking situation when the front desk staff at the church let me know that they offer a lot of parking permits/spaces for students in their private lot, due to the overly high demand for parking spaces on campus. i hope it turns out well.  will let you know what happens.

gotta get started on some work now! ttyl.



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