meeting with the head pastor of my new church tmrw morning!

hey guys!

as the title says, i’m meeting with the head pastor of my new church in santa cruz tmrw morning, and i’m so excited about it!  he totally welcomes both me and pierre, and i can’t wait to see how i can get involved and plugged in as soon as i move to campus.  it’s almost too good to be true the way this new church is set right next to campus.


that being said, this is gonna be my first time taking pierre up highway 17, and i’m really hoping pierre doesn’t get carsick.  i personally get carsick, and it’s a sucky feeling debating if you wanna throw up or not.  according to google, 1 out of 5 dogs get carsick, and i really hope pierre isn’t one of them, cuz he’ll definitely be making that journey from cupertino to santa cruz back and forth more than just once.  praying about it!

will letcha know how it goes tmrw morning with the head pastor; his name’s dave.  and then afterwards later that day, my therapist says it’s chill if i bring him to her office, which is super convenient, cuz i always take off from her office to another depression support group that i co-lead on wednesday nights at the palo alto veterans affairs hospital.  i also love introducing people i already know to pierre; it just feels like they’re in on so much more of my life.  and pierre’s so charming, everyone’s loving it!

tbh, i really don’t have to be asking these people if i can bring pierre along (like the head pastor tmrw or my therapist), but it’s more out of courtesy than anything else, cuz their offices are their private, personal space.  just like if i plan to bring pierre to one of my classes starting this fall, i would definitely let the professor know beforehand and ask for permission prior.

i’m debating if i wanna take melatonin right now or not – just regular over the counter low-dose melatonin, but i’m not sure if it’ll end up making me over groggy tmrw or if it mixes well with the meds i’m on.  i probly won’t risk it tonight, but i did shoot my psychiatrist an email asking about it just now.  i’m worried, cuz i suck at waking up early.  however usually if there is a need to, i’m on time and good about it. the main reason is i needa get up at least before 6:30am this friday to head to orientation all day at UCSC until 5pm with my mom.  plus, i found out some of the classes i’m gonna take starting this fall start at 8am, so i gotta get used to the early rising.  ucsc stuff is all happening so fast now, i’m excited for “slug night” this thursday night, which is the night before orientation where you can meet and mix with other prospective students and get your ID pic taken and whatnot.  and honestly, with how well pierre’s been adjusting to life as a service dog, i think i’d definitely take him with me 🙂 yay for new friends!  then orientation on friday is super clutch, cuz that’s when i meet all my advisers, choose/enroll in my classes, etc.  then this coming monday, i meet with my coordinator through the DRC (disability resource center) to see how to reach out to my professors about my condition.  i’m probably taking pierre to that appointment as well.  i wanna break him into the ucsc campus, altho i’m sure he’ll love it!  dogs always love nature, right?

aite guys, gotta catch some Z’s.  will update you later. night!!



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