officially single and on the market


heyy everyone,

i thought i’d talk about dating today.  i’m satisfied with who i am and who i plan to be, so is it time to find someone to join me in the process of pursuing those lofty dreams and goals?  i definitely don’t wanna go through all of life alone, so can i find someone to keep up with my brain even when it’s going at approximately 1,000,000 thoughts a minute?  altho it’s doubtful, i sure hope so and will hang onto that hope until it becomes a reality.  to find a solid partner, it’s time to start looking and filtering through everyone that isn’t right for me.

that all begs the question, do i have a type?  do i know what i’m looking for in a partner?  do i know what i want?  yes, yes, and yes!  in fact, you might be surprised to know i really do.  i try to do everything whole-heartedly, because half-heartedly pursuing anything is pretty much meaningless, so wish me luck in this hopefully not-so-lonely journey!

“remedy” – adele



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