yesss i found the bracelet i thought i lost

hey everyone!

i woke up this morning feeling all sorts of tired, so i decided to treat myself to another hour of sleep and just go to a later service at church.  i guess yesterday took a lot out of me physically and emotionally.

anyways yesterday i realized i lost the green, yellow, and blue bracelet i’ve been wearing on my right wrist for over 2 years now.  i have a pretty intense tan line there to show for it too.  so naturally i was upset about it, but fortunately, i have a habit of always having backup versions of everything i already currently own…but the company i got the bracelet from discontinued the exact color combination that i liked on my previous one.  so i’ve been wearing a new one that’s white, orange, and green.  but i went to my gym to see if anyone was honest and turned it in.  actually, i wasn’t really concerned about someone stealing it cuz it’s a worn down bracelet that i alone attach a lot of sentimental value to…i was mainly afraid someone tossed it in the trash, not realizing its value to me.  so i go up to the manager at the bay club, explain myself, and she busts out the lost and found bin and BOOM! there it was.  i was like “omg there it is there it is there it is!”

and now it’s right back on my wrist right where it should be.  now that that mystery is solved, i’m gonna do some work while i’m at this starbucks lounge, meet my longtime friend and her bf for boba after, do more work, and grab dinner with friends in milpitas.

and in the meantime as i work, i’m still brushing up on my adele songs in preparation for the concert, so i’ve got adele’s 25 album on repeat.

much love,



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