jk i got all my work done and more today!


i ended up having a super productive day.  just fyi in general, a lot of times what i do is post and then edit my post later.  not sure if the ppl who are subscribed to me via email get the edited versions.  i most often do that when i put in pictures after i see what the post looks like by itself.  anyways, not a big deal.

i posted earlier on my facebook timeline that i keep getting free stuff, and it’s so true!  it’s so refreshing, cuz i’ll be ready with my wallet, and ppl will just dismiss the whole thing.  it’s probably happened three or four times in the past few months.

also, i didn’t realize that people pay up to $3,548 for concert tickets.  that’s ridiculous!  my friend paid over $800 for two tickets and needed someone to go with.  i happen to be super fond of him, so i agreed to go.  it’s the Adele conert on july 30th at the SAP center.  i kinda just offered him some money for it, but it def wasn’t as much as he paid for it or other concert-goers pay for their tickets.  hopefully, it was fair enough tho!  he’s cool 🙂 i’m excited to go with him.

as for my weekend plans.  well tmrw, i’ll be going to an SBQA (south bay queer and asian) potluck for an hour or two before carpooling with some friends from south bay church to seabright beach in santa cruz.  funny enough, there’s another church group i used to be a part of that’s going to the same beach at the same time.  i think south bay will be there from 8am-10pm, whereas the other church will be there from like 10am-9pm or something.  who knows?  maybe i’ll get a chance to go say hi.

something else kinda funny that happened today is that i got suuuper competitive playing hearts with three of my friends.  i kept getting the queen of spades every single time (which, as you know if you’ve played hearts before, is no bueno).

pierre is now officially certified through the NSAR (national service animal registry) as a service animal now.  i got that done the day after i posted about it, which was yesterday.  so his registration, ID tags, certification, and vest are all coming in the mail right now.  i have pdf versions of it all.  this means that he cam accompany me to church, the movie theater, the mall, restaurants, lecture halls, basically any public place, and it’ll be completely protected by the ADA (americans with disabilities act of 1990).  most importantly, i can bring him to live on campus with me at school when i go to UCSC this fall.  HAILLLL YEEEEEEEEEE.  #winning.  i love pierre so much!  he’s gonna make me so many new friends 🙂 in addition to all the ones i make for myself haha.

so now my unofficial task for the next couple of weeks is to study up on Adele’s album.  i wanna know all the songs by heart to have a true appreciation for her onstage presence and charisma.





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