omg shut the front door no way.

omg guys,

wau what a reality check.   i have soooooooo many general education requirements to fulfill at UCSC before i can graduate…like a LOT a lot.  it’s definitely gonna take me more than just 2 years i think… what a mess.  i guess this means i’ll be in college for a lot longer than i expected.

this is all because i didn’t follow the IGETC track – IGETC meaning “Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum.”  basically, a lot of people who are transferring to UCSC have followed a very structured two-year track at local community colleges, allowing them to fulfill a lot of the GE requirements necessary for graduation.  i, however, just kind of threw together a hodge podge of transcripts from cupertino high school, stanford, cornell, and de anza in hopes of having fulfilled many requirements…problem is, i’m missing way too many academic requirements, especially in subjects i typically dread like math, science, history, etc.  this is partially due to the fact that my track at cornell’s hotel school was such a different experience from the typical college experience, so none of it really transfers over fairly.


it’s cool…this just means i have to spend more time in college than planned…especially studying topics that i might not be 100% interested in and possibly with people that are way younger than me.  who knows tho?  maybe i’ll have a completely renewed thirst for knowledge this time around and have a different perspective on school in general.  maybe i’m actually gonna care about learning and connecting this time.





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