how do i register pierre as a service animal?

hey everyone,

sooooo i think as long as i register pierre as a service animal, he should be good to go to accompany me anywhere – including living in my dorm room on campus…but how do i go about doing that?

whenever i really care about something, i’m almost too scared to pursue it and remain literally stuck in my head about it.  it really should be very plain and simple if i learn to strip away the emotional attachment and anxiety that i automatically associate with these decisions.  know what i mean?  like if i could just act based on logic, facts, and probability rather than risk, fear, and uncertainty, then so much more would get done in such a shorter amount of time.

pierrei would love for pierre to live with me on campus, and i truly think he would be happier with me wherever i am, rather than at home with my parents, even if that means downgrading from roaming around the whole house to being cooped up in the little room i’d live in at santa cruz.  but hey, i figure if i’m meant to live in that little room as a human, then a dog certainly wouldn’t mind either.  plus, a friend reminded me that a lot of dogs are crate-trained and just stay pent up in a crate most of the day while their owners are at work.

i did reach out to my DRC (disability resource center) coordinator yesterday regarding a “serious request” to have pierre live with me on campus as a service animal, but she has yet to reply.  i think i can predict her answer tho.  she’s gonna tell me i need to certify him as a service animal to differentiate him from being just another “support animal.”  that’s the biggest risk – that UCSC would consider him just a “support animal” rather than a “service animal,” cuz “support animals” don’t count.  the bottom line is that to avoid all the uncertainty there, i need to get him certified…then they can’t question any of the process.

part of me wants to ask specifically what kind of certification UCSC requires for service animals, but then they would know i’m just getting pierre certified for the sole purpose of living with me at UCSC, but so what if i am!  it doesn’t hurt to ask.  will keep you filled in and let you know what happens.

thanks for tuning in and have a great day.



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