one of the literature classes i’m planning to enroll in

short storyhey,

forgot to tell you that one of the literature classes i’m hoping to enroll in requires me to submit a 3-7 page piece of literary work on the first day of class, cuz the only way to get into the class is for the professor to read this work and approve of it.  it’s basically like an audition process to get into the class, but i really wanna take the class, cuz  it’s an intro to intermediate fiction class, which is super relevant to my academic goals and objectives.

so the point is, i’m gonna have to reread all the short stories i’ve written, or at least skim through them, to see which one would best qualify me for the course.

wish me luck, cuz i don’t really like rereading my own writing, but i guess i’ll have to for this sake.  orrr i could just write a brand new piece..wouldn’t take too long, but then again it might be fun to look back on what i used to think was important at the time.  we’ll see!!



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