waiiiiiit, is UCSC kidding me rn?

hey everyone,

so i haven’t been able to thoroughly check emails let alone reply to them in my time away at rhode island this past week.  but now that i’m catching up on them all, i’m kind of freaking out.  the literature department has let me know that i only satisfy one of the two requirements to qualify for the literature major and that i need to prove that i’m proficient in a foreign language.


i’m like are you kidding me?  i’ve taken 6 years of spanish (spanish 1A, spanish 1B, spanish 2, spanish 3 , spanish 4 Honors, and spanish 5 AP) in middle school and high school then an additional course at de anza community college that was spanish 4, 5, and 6 combined.  i also scored a 5 on the spanish AP test and studied abroad in spain for a summer.  if they really don’t count any of that as “one year of college-level study of a non-English,” then i’m baffled.  it’s okay tho, this has all been a pleasant surprise, cuz i started seriously doubting my rusty spanish skills, cuz it’s been so long…BUTTTT i just googled “spanish passages” to check where my reading level is at.  and i freaking read that as quickly as i read english SO BRING IT UCSC reading proficiency test!  it is so on.  apparently, the test consists of reading two passages and answering 10 multiple choice questions about each of the two passages.  plus, i’m allowed to bring a spanish/english dictionary as long as it’s not electronic.  and hey you know what, in the off chance that i actually fail the test, i’d be happy to brush up on my spanish skills at UCSC.  i’ve always wanted to go above and beyond when it came to spanish. you know what actually?  i remember at one point, i wanted to teach spanish and legitly grow up to be a spanish teacher.  i dreamt of that probably starting from sixth grade and that dream didn’t fade until i graduated high school and got into cornell for their hotel administration program… so tapping back into my passion for spanish might just be the refresher that i need in life right now.


also, as for not satisfying the Lit 1 requirement, i’m pretty sure i’ve taken EWRT1A, EWRT1B, and EWRT2 at de anza, so do those not count?

this all isn’t that big of a deal, cuz the worst case scenario would just be spending more time at UCSC taking classes.  tbh it all just freaks me out, because it heavily influences my overall course selection for this coming fall quarter…but hey, an extra quarter at college ain’t no thang if money’s not the issue, and i’m tryna work on other aspects of myself in my time at UCSC.

fortunately, i do have an appointment on campus with the academic advisor for the literature department this tuesday at 1pm.  hopefully, i sort everything out with her and get rid of this anxiety of always doing something wrong.  trying so hard to stay on top of things when unexpected hiccups in the road arise can be super anxiety inducing, but it’s really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  so, i’m gonna go breathe now, BAI.



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