i’m really surprised i’m not hungover right now

hey guys!

i had a super fun night last night drinking and dancing the night away at my friend’s awesome backyard.  somehow, i got home before my 12am curfew.  i do have some red freckles/blotches on my face from throwing up lol.  hey i figured it was better to throw up the alcohol than to let it sit in my system, and i kinda had to when i realized the clock was about to strike 11:30pm.  then i just chugged water/gatorade and drove as safely as i could home.  typically, i’m a responsible party goer, but every once in a while i’m like screw it.

i love going to parties like the one last night, cuz you can choose to either have a really superficial interaction with someone or have a quick heart-to-heart that’s incredibly, deeply meaningful.  i balance the two kinds of interactions well…it’s all about striking that balance.  actually, i ran into 3 other people last night that i’ve known for a while, but i didn’t realize they were all previous banana slugs.  go UCSC!  i also took a bunch of pics, but i don’t think they’re the kind of pics i can openly share on facebook or here hah.

it also never ceases to impress me how well other people know me and my current situations even when i only share the bare skeletons of the true story.   it feels like everyone around me is a doctor or therapist and knows exactly what to do or say.


also this morning i visited a new church that was suuuper open and affirming.  they were totally awesome.  the bad part is that i always always fall asleep during sermons.  there’s just something really calming and relaxing about sermons.  i guess i just feel safe and protected.  but yeah this church is really close to japantown in san jose, so we walked over and enjoyed the obon festival.  there was such good food.  i got a sushi combination and some chicken teriyaki that was done so so well.  i took some pics, and here’s one above.

“treat you better” – shawn mendes



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