my first real day back home

hey guys!

i’ve been running into pretty good luck all morning.  i had to run some errands that i typically run on weekdays, and there were absolutely no lines even on a saturday yasss!  i’m also starting to really like wearing shorts now, so get used to seeing me in them all the time :D.


i’m currently working on uploading all the pics from rhode island. i literally have 300 of them, but i did warn everyone in the album description that the more exciting ones are def in the second half of the album.  my cousin’s wedding was such a joyous event.  hopefully, the love that we all felt in the wedding shines through in the pictures.  as i said previously, i was smiling so much that day that my cheeks started to hurt…that hasn’t happened in at least a decade!  the power of love, yo.  we also ran into some good luck there, cuz it was sprinkling/drizzling just half an hour before the wedding was about to start, but it stopped just in time for the ceremony.

i’m majorly multitasking right now.  for some reason, facebook is being super laggy about uploading pics, so i’m reading up on UCSC summer orientation info, which i’ve been meaning to do for a while now.  i’m the type of person that gets things done early and stays well-informed on next steps – especially when it comes to UCSC.  i should really pat myself on the back for staying so proactive and on top of the whole UCSC process.  i remain incredibly excited to embark on this new chapter of my life.  santa cruz is so amazing.

i’m actually wondering if it’s the wifi at this cafe that’s lagging the picture upload process.  i think i’m gonna go relocate somewhere else.  i’ll hit you guys up later!  ttyl.



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