blogging for the first time on a plane



hey guys!

so, i’m on a plane right now, but i’m not sure what’s gonna happen next,  cuz our flight was delayed by a bit so we may be missing our next flight home…in which case i hope to get some work done during the layover.  i was really glad at that during our last layover in philly, we were able to get some bomb philly cheese steaks.  lol that also reminds me how all the mcdonald’s in rhode island sold lobster rolls, so you could get a lobster roll meal for $11.99.

anyways, we left rhode island this morning and are on our way back home.  i feel sad that my dog pierre has been unable to eat or sleep in my absence, and i can’t wait to get back to him to give him a thorough belly rub.  but on a sidenote, my cousin sent me a link that totally  made my day.  apparently some scientist in south korea is able to bring back your dead dog for $100,000.  so i can reincarnate pierre over and over again.  i’m still unsure if i would do that cuz my first instinct is that it’s too good to be true and might be unethical/unfair cuz it’s cheating life, but it has been done successfully many times for many reasons.  the article is here.  it might also feel weird, cuz he wouldn’t remember me in his next life, but i would certainly remember him.

but yeah back to the rhode island trip, i have lots of pics from this past week to post, so stay tuned please!  the wedding was so much fun, and my cheeks were literally hurting from smiling so much.  oh happy day 🙂

bye guys!  on the way back to cali rn!



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