the family is starting to arrive in rhode island

hey everyone!

our first day in rhode island has been fun so far.  after my dad and i landed in providence, we picked up a rental car and headed straight to newport.  we had an awesome lunch there that included shrimp cocktails, mimosas, a lobster salad, and an angus burger.  after that, we went to the breakers mansion.  zomg, it was such a beautiful mansion with an even more beautiful view.  #lifegoals.  unfortunately, there wasn’t a live tour but instead, a self-guided audio tour.  i will warn you if you ever decide to visit the breakers mansion that the weather’s hot in rhode island and there’s no AC inside, so they try and make do with fans in almost every room.  it’s not too bad, but i was surprised that it felt hot even when we were by the water.

afterwards, we headed to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the fam that’s already here.  they were all just chilling in their hotel rooms, hanging out, and catching up.  thennn, as we were heading to the restaurant to have dinner with like 21 of us, my cousin (the one who’s getting married) calls me and asks me where we were.  turns out like half of us were late to the dinner by half an hour, and that is one of his biggest pet peeves.  wehh :/  the dinner ended up being delicious tho.  i kept getting flashbacks of other stuff in my life throughout the night.  anyways afterwards, we went to check out brown university, which was only 13 minutes away.  we also swung by RISD while we were at it.

i can’t wait til even more people join us tomorrow, especially my mom, my brother, and his gf.  i have so many pics to share, but i think i’ll do it all at the end of the trip.

take care everyone!



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