omg whaaat so many pics to upload and so little time

hey guys,

i just realized i have like over 100 pics to upload from my adventures yesterday in santa cruz, monterey, san jose, and cupertino.  ahh, how is there time for anything tho?!  i need to get them all up today before i leave for rhode island tmrw.  today, i went to church, ate lunch at koja, got some work done, finally got to see finding dory, ate pieology for dinner, walked pierre to two local parks, taught my relative how to play squash, played pingpong, and now i’m waiting for him to get washed up at the gym.  we’re gonna get some snow tonight.  i can’t believe he hasn’t tried snow yet.  then hopefully i can get home, upload pics, start packing, and continue work.  i doubt i’ll have time to get more work done tho.   we’ll see what happens.

night guys have a great 4th of july!  i’ll be on a plane tmrw, so please pray for traveling mercies.



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