just finished packing for R.I. let’s gooo

rhode island.png

hey everyone!!

happy 4th of july.  i’m taking off on a red-eye flight to rhode island tonight, and i am puuumped.  i’m starting to really see the benefit of red-eye flights.  they save so much time, and plus, we flying first class, baby.

tbh, i don’t really know what to expect from rhode island, but if it was half as charming as maine was, i know i’m gonna love it.  this morning, i woke up, got ready, walked pierre, took out the trash, and started packing.  then i grubbed with my relative, who is leaving today after an awesome, fun-filled weekend.  lots of work to catch up on but totally worth it!  i’m driving him back to livermore in about half an hour.  then i’ll crunch out work all day until we fly to R.I.  i’m glad i got a chance to upload all the pics from this weekend, so i have time to take more in rhode island and upload those in a timely manner.

i also just put together my wedding attire today.  it’s kinda casual, but it’s cool.  after all, it’s an outdoor summer wedding.  super looking forward to it.  I CANNOT WAIT TO DANCE.  really hoping for an open bar and a dance floor.  that’s all i need to blow off some steam and let loose for the night.

also, my dad said that first class means unlimited alcohol?  oh okay okay american airlines, now we talkin’.  i usually just stick to 1-2 tho, i swear :).




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