most adventurous day i’ve had in a while


hey guys!

today was sooo full and adventurous.  first we were gonna head to monterey, but decided to hit up santa cruz first.  there was absolutely no traffic…i was super baffled.  were people not heading south today??  so we swung by UCSC briefly before hitting up the boardwalk.  we parked on the wharf, walked past all the fishermen, looked for seals, went to the beach, then went to get on some rides!  we went on the giant dipper (the wooden white/red rollercoaster) and double shot (santa cruz’s version of drop zone), which are by far my fave two rides there – so funnn!  what an adrenaline rush.

we then went to fisherman’s wharf in monterey and sampled all the clam chowders like bosses, sightsaw, then grubbed.  then we hit up the 17 mi scenic drive and took about 5,000 pictures.  this was probably my 5th time driving through the whole 17 mi scenic drive, and it’s different every time.  i’m really skipping over a lot of details, cuz i need to get to bed soon.


then we got back to the south bay to eat dinner at santana row.  we then went to cupertino village and main street cupertino.  tmrw, we’re attending church at south bay church, grubbing w/church friends, hitting up apple headquarters, playing squash, and who knows what else!  tbh, i still really wanna watch finding dory lolz.  i’ll see if he’s down.

one thing i do know is that i’m soo backed up with work projects from just taking today off.  i literally have 22 work emails which equates to 22 work projects from today alone.  rawr..hoping to get them done monday june 4 before my red eye flight to rhode island.  i def won’t have time tmrw nor throughout the week in rhode island to do anything…sooo…i might actually not get to them until the week after, oh god.

bye guys.  gonna ptfo.



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