hey guys! need to blog now before i forget

hey guys!

sorry today has been nonstop, and i’m multitasking blogging while having a very inappropriate convo so i’m gonna try to focus on what i write, so i don’t accidentally write what i’m saying in the real-life convo hahah.

so this morning, i got into a fight with my mom which was upsetting, and i ended up in tears. buuut i got into work and crunched out a bunch of work.   i finished right on time to head to my aunt’s house for weekly lunch with my cousins.  i then dropped them off at their summer camp at a local park.  then i went home to do everyone’s laundry.  then i rushed off to back to back meetings!  i’m super lucky cuz there was food at the meeting, so that saved me some time.  the meeting was super cool btw, it was the FIRST EVER “HEAL” meeting for lgbt/allies – it was like a wellness/recovery group.  it’s always really cool to be a part of something that kicks off for the first time ever, because you’re so much a part of the organization process to create a vision for its future.  it’ll meet every first friday of the month.  we did so much, cuz the meeting is 2 hrs instead of the typical 1 hr.  we drew stuff, shared stories, swapped resources, meditated, and brainstormed ideas for the future.  actually, i realized how busy my life is when i started sharing resources with the group…cuz i go to like….203952340968309542385943 support groups.

but anyways, that brings me to where i am right now.  i’m blogging during my board gayme group and heading to depression group after in the same center – the billy defrank lgbt center.  we always head to crema, the cafe next door, afterwards.

then i needa go home and tidy up a bit, cuz my parents and i have a guest coming over this weekend!  he’s a distant relative, so it’s gonna be neat showing him around da bay.  i think my dad wants me to take him to monterey.  iono the only concrete plans are for us to play squash, but i would honestly be super down to watch finding dory with him.  i’ve been trying to find people to watch it with.  we’ll see what happens!

i gotta go guys!  aren’t you impressed i keep my promise of blogging every day?  even when it means stealing time and typing like a maniac while doing a billion other things at the same time lol.

take care and have a super super awesome pre-july 4 weekend!  i gotta start packing this weekend for rhode island whoop whooooop!



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