finally sporting some shorts in this warm weather

warm weather.png

hey all!

i went shopping with my mom yesterday to try and hunt down a good wedding outfit for my cousin’s wedding next week in rhode island, but we ended up getting into a fight about it so we gave up.  i mean, i guess i have clothes right now that i could wear there like a long sleeve dress shirt, some black pants, a belt, and black leather shoes. and then i can borrow a tie from my dad that matches it all and be done with it.  but anyways, a bright side to our trip to the mall was that i was able to pick up some awesome new shorts.

my legs are so much paler than my arms it’s gross, so i’m trying to expose them to the sun more.  i also just have really intense leg hair – like more so than my dad; in fact, it’s so much that my mom used to call me “monkey” and literally asked me one day if i had taken hormones and i was like no way!  i would never take hormones, i love my body/voice the way it is.

but yeah, so now i’m wearing  brightly colored shorts it’s so awesome; i feel great in them. one pair is like mint/seafoam green and the other is just plain navy blue, but i’m considering a coral/salmon color pair if i like the first two enough.  the thing is they’re different lengths, one has a 10″ inseam and the other is a 7″ inseam.  i kinda like both lengths tho, so we’ll see what length i end up sticking with more.  i can definitely wear them to rhode island next week, cuz it should be in the mid to high 80s there.

k guys! ttyl,



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