the importance of being single.


hey everyone!

omg it’s wednesday, and i finally get to see my therapist!  she’s been out of town in NOLA the past two weeks, and i have definitely missed her.  it seems like my life goes down the drain when i don’t check in with her..or i just feel unclear about life in general, because i often doubt the wisdom behind my typically impulsive decisions.

that being said, today i wanted to write about the importance of being single.  recently, i’ve been wanting nothing more than to be single so i can focus solely on helping others, making money, being successful, and reaching my full potential.

actually it’s kinda funny on my recent trip to NYC a few weeks ago, i watched kind of a trashy romcom on the flight called “how to be single” starring dakota johnson and rebel wilson.  it was cool cuz the movie itself was set in NYC, so it got me in the zone so that by the time i landed in NYC, i was all prepped to immediately start exploring the city just as the people in the movie did.

ok but back to the topic, it really doesn’t make sense for me right now to be distracted with anything other than going to school this fall, getting my undergrad degree, building my overall skill set, and growing spiritually.  it’s funny cuz i know i mentioned not too long ago on this blog that although i am single, my heart is never single.  i seem to always be attached to a new crush, but all of that fades in a decreasingly smaller amount of time the more self control i develop and the more experience i rack up.  i remember i used to able to be enamored by people for years (several people over several years), then it became months, then weeks, then days, and now just passing moments.  i feel so empowered by having discipline in and control over my own thoughts.  i don’t crush half as hard anymore, and i appreciate that my thoughts don’t drift as frequently as they would before as well.  it’s incredibly distracting to be into someone, and i just don’t want that right now…and i find that it is indeed a choice if i really apply myself…  it can be a choice for you too if you learn to master your thoughts and actively turn that switch off.  so, yeah i’m definitely single, but not ready to mingle nor do i want to rn.

i remember telling you guys a week or two ago about a quote i stumbled upon on my friend’s facebook saying to “date/marry someone who is too good for you and pray that they never find out.”  well guess what, now i think i’m too good for anyone right now and that nothing can be more important than prioritizing myself, my dreams, and my needs as the first and foremost task in life.

so,  go me for learning to do me!

peace out,



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