omg amy schumer is hilarious..

hey guys!

hope you’re all having a great tuesday.  i’m leaving for rhode island in less than a week, and i’m pumped for the trip!  i don’t think i’ve ever been to rhode island before, much less for a wedding.  my cousin and his longtime girlfriend/fiancee are finally getting married – so exciting !!  i’m super happy for them and can’t wait to see how the day unfolds.  my therapist mentioned for me to check out all the mansions in rhode island, where famous families have summer vacation homes – like the vanderbilt’s etc.  so, my dad and i are going a day earlier to do some exploring before my mom and other family members join us.

also, i wanted to share that i’ve recently discovered amy schumer, though she’s been famous for a while, and she is freaking hilaaaarious.  her humor is right down my alley, and i really wanna watch trainwreck now, cuz all of her interviews are just outright hysterical.  go watch some of her interviews on famous talkshows if you haven’t yet – omg.

alrighty guys, i’m out for the day!  take care!



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