omg yesss SF pride was wild, and don’t let anyone else tell you different! it’s OUR day, not yours.

IMG_8076.jpghey guys!

yo pride was a blaaast!  so glad i finally decided to go this year.  i took almost two hundred pics that i just posted on my facebook.  i look like such a dwarf compared to these big birds, but they hot, so i chose this pic.  altho superman in heels was impressive as well…


we marched a good 1-2 miles down market street right through the prime area of SF.  it was so wild!  there was so much fun, love, and joy in the whole city.  the crowd was amazing.  every time you wave, they wave back.  every time you point, they go crazy!


there were definitely a few tense moments.  to be honest, the night before pride, i was super emotional and felt like i was about to go into war to die…but of course i didn’t let fear hold me back – that would have been the worst thing to do.  my friend reminded me that the real war’s already over and that we had already won 🙂  i was just texting everyone telling them i’d be at the parade and to pray for the safety of everyone attending/marching.  i remember there were a few moments when everyone froze for a good split second, when balloons would pop, but that just intensified the strong feel of community.  screw the haters and terrorists.

there was free stuff everywhere!  there were bins of free coffee as we headed to google to get some free pride schwag – a pride tshirt, tattoos, food, and fans.  then later there was free haagen dazs ice cream, free nesquick chocolate milk, and more!

i think one of the most powerful components of this day was that i marched with a group of christian churches that are openly affirming.  so heck yeah!!!  but you know what i couldn’t believe?  right after i posted some pictures from the parade, one of my pastors from ***** christian church had the nerve to message me an extremely long message preaching hate, so i had no hesitation in blocking her, which is something i’ve been wanting to do for a while anyways… along with many other people that have left her congregation in the last five years.  to be honest, that church was the absolute worst and have just been going down the drain ever since i and many others left…all the pastors there were so filled with hate and cold-heartedness.  they clearly did not nor do they now, understand the true meaning of christianity and have demons inside themselves that they don’t know how to deal with.  so you know what? that’s why i left y’all, suckas!  stop raining on our parade, seriously.  try to learn not to go out of your way to ruin other people’s lives…  today is OUR day, and you can’t take that away.  immature leadership = a church with a horrible, horrible reputation.  go find something better to do with your pathetic lives… for shame.  i would love to just go off on them more with hateful words, but that would be stooping to their level.  i would love to name and list each one of these pastors here publicly and copy and paste their message right here on my blog or on my facebook, but i won’t, because i have way more dignity than they will ever have.  I DON’T EVEN GO TO YOUR CHURCH ANYMORE, and i haven’t kept in touch with you guys after i left four years ago for very good reasons.  but, i’m not past putting them on blast online if they ever try to contact me again.  drop it, seriously.  you don’t know who you’re messing with.

for everyone else, take care and keep on fighting the good fight.



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