my throat hurts from pride!


hey guys!

i slept super well last night, due to how emotionally and physically exhausted i was from marching the SF pride parade yesterday.  i managed to wake up earlier than i usually do and now, i’m realizing my throat hurts from all the cheering and screaming – soo worth it!  as i marched down market street, i felt my social anxiety kicking in at times, cuz there was a huge audience – crowds packed along both sides of the street for miles.  the best part of the day was when people wanted to read my shirt or smiled at me in a knowing, loving way.  i also couldn’t believe how many people asked me to take pictures of them and their friends or how willing everyone else was to take pictures of me and my friends.  the people in costumes were also super cool taking pics with people.

IMG_8186.jpgbut yeah, the crowd was so supportive and loving.  i remember having marched in the disneyland parade and many other parades when i was in marching band in high school, but this crowd was so different than any of the others- they definitely weren’t as solemn or serious.  everyone was really loud and responsive.  “HAPPY PRIDE!” was shouted from all sides as the crowds cheered us on.

and yes i actually took these pics.

blog to ya later,






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