guyyyyys, so thankful right now!


hey guys!

i had a stressful but rewarding morning.  here’s what happened!!! i woke up, got ready, walked my dog, and started driving to work.  so my routine every morning is, right after i start my car, one of the first things i do is put my sunglasses on.  so i instinctually reach for them, but they’re nowhere to be found!  i freaking panic.  where are they?!  then i realize i left them at church last night!  in hindsight, i remember exactly what happened…instead of putting my sunglasses into my bag or wearing them backwards like i usually do to make sure they’re there, i rested them on top of my bag.  then when i lifted the bag to put it on the table, i totally forgot the sunglasses were on top of them, so they must’ve just fallen to the ground.  i got super concerned, cuz first of all, i wear them all the time cuz my eyes don’t like the sun, and i also really need them to march in the SF pride parade this sunday…imagine how hot and bright it’s gonna be there!  so i’m like dangit.  what if someone stole them or stepped on them and broke them.

i start texting leaders i know from church about the possibility of there being a lost and found.  at that point, i start taking a detour from work to drive to church (yup, it was that important to me).  i get to church and ask the front desk person if there’s a lost and found or anything.  she says they hadn’t found anything.  then she phones facilities to see if they found anything.  they hadn’t.  i asked to see if i could scan the theater for them, which is the room i left them in, but they tell me that there’s an event there until 6pm.  at that point, i’m like no…you’re kidding me.  so i start asking her for nearby places i can get a quality pair of sunglasses; i honestly would’ve gotten the same pair, but the ones i have are hard to find.

so, the facilities person, who happens to be in L2, tells me to post in the L2 community on facebook (oh sidenote, L2 is the college and young adult fellowship i attend). and at that point, i’m desperate enough to do so.  i was literally on my way driving straight to a mall to blow another $100-200 on another good pair.  buuuut as i get into my car and start driving, my friend from L2 texts me saying he has them!!! WHAT A LIFESAVER.  so i asked when i could get them, he says he gets off work at 5 in santana row, so i’m so gonna be there later today to go get them.  i don’t wanna jinx it, but i’m pretty sure i’ll be able to get them when i see him tonight.

SO GRATEFULLL.  i’m super dependent on these sunglasses and not having them as part of my daily routine just throws me off.  it’s the little things, yanno?  it might’ve helped that i prayed about the whole situation too during my frantic drive.  yessss 🙂  my day is made.

hope y’all are having a great day too.  the weekend is about to start yeeyeeeee!  gotta do real stuff now, BAI.



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