why is my therapist out of town this week?!



i hadn’t realized how dependent i’ve become on my therapist, but she’s out of town this week, and i’m feeling all out of sorts.  it’s amazing how much processing through life with someone once a week can ease the stress, pain, and chaos.  most of all, it improves my efficiency by reprioritizing my life once a week.  i typically meet with her on wednesdays for an hour, but she’s in NOLA this week, so i’ve resorted to leaving voicemails. wehhhhh.

what do i do?  more importantly, what do people want from me?  i’ve been told to first and foremost do what i want and what makes me happy …but tbh, i suck at doing that, and i also just don’t want to.

we might be stuck in this stalemate forever if i’m understanding your expectations correctly.

bye 😦




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