bout to get turnt at pride this weekend


hey everyone!

as we all know, june is pride month, and it means something extra special to the community this year after the orlando attack.  i can’t wait to go this weekend…i think i will feel somewhat like a hero for attending.  we won’t have fear in our hearts, only love and motivation.

i was searching for an outfit online to wear to pride, mainly just fun LGBT tshirts.  i found a really funny one that said “started from the bottom, now we’re queer.”  which is an obvious play on words from drake’s rap song that goes “started from the bottom, now we’re here.”  i ended up getting another one tho 🙂 and i’m sure i’ll take a picture to show you at some point.  i’m planning to go in a that tshirt, some bball shorts, and comfy sneakers: the perfect outfit to get TUUUUURNT.  people always complain that there are so many straight people just looking for an excuse to get drunk and belligerent, but i’m like hey, if they’re allies, then who cares?!  we’re all happy and tryna have a good time.  it’s all part of the experience, and i’m super looking forward to it.  definitely gonna sunscreen up.  i’ll most likely be BARTing with friends up there and meeting up with other friends after we get there.  so instead of attending church this sunday, i’ll be at pride instead.

on a completely separate note, i’ve been relatively stressed this past week…and my therapist is inconveniently out of town this week – dangit..freaking horrible timing but oh well. i battled insomnia the first night when this issue came to my attention.  but fortunately, i’ve been leaning on a lot of close, good friends for support, and they all seem to be on the same page in terms of the advice they’ve given me regarding future steps to take.  it’s so good to have a game plan before going into a situation, so you don’t get carried away, tempted, or distracted when showtime comes…you just stick to the original strategy.

of course, i called all the people i trust the most (which is less than a handful of people), so if you didn’t get a phone call or a text, you definitely haven’t made the list…i’m kidding…kinda.  but hey, if you did make a list, i super super love you and super appreciate you listening to my drama llama.  i tend to gab on for hours on the phone, cuz it’s so cathartic and cleansing to have someone validate my thoughts and feelings.   once again, oh the power of friendship!




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