ay caramba, when will things change?


hey guys,

some life events take a long time to process, and the orlando attack is definitely one of them.  i’m learning more and more by the day about the shooting.  that being said, i want to make a note of what this pastor in sacramento had to say about the event.  he said in a sermon that the “tragedy is that more of them didn’t die.”  this then incited the mayor of sacramento to clarify that this pastor’s ridiculous words “do not reflect Christian values and have no place in our society.”

sometimes i feel like some of us are ahead of the times in expecting the general public to be more accepting, understanding, and sympathetic.  i wonder if people will begin to realize that if being gay were a choice, no one would be gay, especially not in this day and age.  hopefully someday, people will be nothing but proud of who they are – to be born proud and never need to question themselves.

i don’t know guys…i don’t know.



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