the orlando attack was really sad, guys.


hey friends,

i feel the need to address the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history this past weekend, because this is officially the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

my dad woke me up monday morning to tell me 50 people had died during a terrorist attack the previous night.  i then took it a lot more personally when i found out the shooting occurred at a gay nightclub, cuz i’m super involved in the LGBT community.  i go to 5 meetings regularly at the local Billy DeFrank LGBT center on weeknights.  i also plan to live in an LGBTQ & Allies hall in UCSC this fall.  UCSC also has an LGBT center and frarority that i plan to join.  point being, i care about gay rights, and this orlando attack hits pretty close to home for me.

i remember anderson cooper interviewing a survivor of the attack last night.  the survivor was apparently hiding in a small 4ft x 10ft bathroom stall with 20 other people piled on top of each other.  all they could do was pray under their breaths as their ears were filled with loud gunshots, bullet cartridges falling, and the assailant reloading for more.  apparently, the gunman (Omar Mateen) was maliciously laughing with satisfaction the whole time as the blood continued to pour, despite everyone pleading for him to stop the carnage and bloodshed.

the sad part is that since the attack occurred at a nightclub, a lot of the victims happened to be really young.  the majority were under 30, even starting at the age of 19.  to be honest, most of them were my age – 25 y/o.  i’ve definitely been to a gay nightclub and a lesbian nightclub before.  they’re meant to be places of love, acceptance, and relief.  i can’t imagine someone invading a safe space like that and wreaking havoc there.  for shame…

that being said, there’s a good chance i’m heading to SF pride on june 26th…pray for everyone’s safety there.

take care everyone, and remember to regularly pray for the safety/sanity of your loved ones.



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