so i was on facebook the other day…


hey all,

i was on facebook the other day as i often am, i think last week, and i stumbled upon a really cool quote that my friend posted as a caption to a pic of her husband.  the quote read, “marry someone who is too good for you and pray that they never find out.”  how cool is that?

also, i’m really liking all the unifying videos on facebook that recent horrific events have allowed to precipitate.  people are posting videos of obama’s speeches, videos about how we need to be stronger than ever as a country, and videos focusing on spreading love and not hate.  it’s a good time to be alive – to see everyone fighting for please, love, unity, and respect.  PLUR, people!

on another note, UCSC stuff is working out so well.  they’ve officially received and processed all 4 of my official transcripts (Cornell, Stanford, De Anza, and Cupertino High), i’ve turned in my housing and dining applications, their DRC has approved all of my mental health documentation, and summer orientation for transfer students is coming up.  summer orientation falls on july 22nd this year; that’s the day i’ll take a picture to get my student ID, choose all my courses, meet with my academic advisor, and get to know the campus even more.

let’s goooo, life!



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