just applied for housing at UCSC!


hey all,

i just filled out UCSC’s online housing application, and i’m really hoping to get into the community and the college of my choice.  there are a lot of “themes” and “preferences” along with the typical roommate questionnaires/requests.  the good part is i know i qualify for a single room, so i can start thinking about how to decorate my room, what the layout will be, and how social/private i want it to be.  all the rooms come furnished with a desk, an extra long twin bed, a bookshelf, and a closet.   there are some rules regarding alcohol and drugs, as well as “quiet hours” after 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends.  i’m hoping to live in a mixed gender co-ed community.  they have an LGBT & Allies community too that i wouldn’t mind living in either.

with my housing contract, i’m getting the 7-day meal plan, which means unlimited food any day of the week at any of the five dining halls (by the way, cornell had like 3x the amount of dining halls).  and oddly, the dining halls have very limited hours of operation.  they basically give you a strict 1-2 hour gap around each meal time, meaning breakfast is at a certain time, lunch is at a certain time, and dinner is at a certain time.  there isn’t a lot of flexibility regarding when you can eat. the worst part of the timing is that the dining halls close at 7pm every night, so i may need to hit up “late night” if i have a late class, which is when the dining halls rotate staying open late.  this is all probably good for me, because it’ll force me to eat regularly and encourage more of a structure and routine to my days there.

go banana slugs!



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