if i told you i’ve been where you are, would you believe me?

black belt

hey everyone!

so in order to get a black belt in martial arts, you need to have mastered all the basic skills up to that point  – up to that very moment of complete expertise.  now, i may not have a black belt in martial arts, but i feel that i have one in other areas in life.  people who have earned black belts continue to practice, train, and teach.

sometimes when i recognize my former broken self in someone else, i just wanna sit them down and help talk them through it until they finally get it – whether it takes days or weeks or even months for them to see the light.  anything is possible, because nothing is impossible.  i would definitely be there for them through it all…but that’s not very efficient, is it?  there has to be a better way.

and that’s why i would like to become a writer, composer, singer, vlogger, dancer, etc. in the future.  i’m gonna make it happen, guys.  i’m gonna change the entire world, regardless of the pain or glory that comes with the whole process.  and i think one of the best perks that come with that is the ability to include people to or exclude people from that journey.



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