cooking up a storm today!


hey everyone!

i used to cook for my parents on a daily basis during either elementary school or middle school.  i wouldn’t cook the whole meal for them, but always at least one dish and one soup.  although i haven’t consistently cooked in a while, i always add in extra spices and some final touches to the delicious food my mom cooks.  today my parents asked me to bake some potatoes and cook an asparagus dish, so i did.  i’m waiting for the potatoes to finish baking in the oven, and the asparagus is already good to go.

i love cooking!  i also happen to really like cleaning up the mess after cooking too.  washing the dishes, counter, pots/pans, and cooking utensils is really cleansing after i cook in more than one way.  so yay for cooking.  i definitely get a high when i cook; it’s a rewarding creative outlet.  not only can you express your creativity, but you’re also left with delicious results.

can’t wait for the potatoes to be done.  they’re baby potatoes that i cut in half so all the seasonings would go through.  hope you’re all having a great friday!  time to check on the potatoes!



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