busy day today but what’s new

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.33.19 PM.png

hey guys,

i hit up great bear coffee in downtown los gatos this morning before heading into the apple store (which is just a few doors down) to attend a photography workshop.  i now know a lot more about taking pictures with iphones as well as using iphoto on macs.  then i went to get a haircut, bought a graduation card for my cousin, went to the gym, and i’m about to head to work.

for ucsc, i totally forgot i need to send in a stanford university official transcript as well in addition to my high school transcript, cornell transcript, and de anza transcript.  so i need to get that in, but it’s an annoying process.  annoying but straightforward. i should be able to mail in my requests later today.

then i plan to head to my aunt’s house for dinner as i always do on thursdays before heading to church.  spending time with my cousins is super fun, and i look forward to giving them the souvenirs i got them from NYC.

ttyl guys!  can’t blog too much today, been in a rush all day.



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