back from NYC and missing it already



the trip to NYC was so much fun!  i’m still unwinding from it all.   i think i wanna spend at least a few years living in a big city after graduating from college…perhaps nyc, perhaps chicago, perhaps philly, perhaps seattle, perhaps nola, perhaps anywhere but here!  the possibilities are endless.  there’s something about the energy of a big city that definitely appeals to me.  as i mentioned earlier, it felt a lot like living on a college campus..except everyone varies way more in age.  but the point is, you don’t really get a chance to focus on your worries, and your life becomes endlessly filled with opportunities due to everything and everyone’s accessibility.  everyone’s just busy going about their own days and taking care of their own lives, and yet we all move in harmony with one another.  walking through nyc was like body to body a lot of’s crazy how crowded it can get, and how much foot traffic can even slow you down on sidewalks.


the nyc pics are up by the way!  i ended up taking close to 300 of them.  i feel like i captured  certain moments of the trip well.  although i ate more than i usually eat while i was there, i still maintained the same weight because of all the walking.  there were so many good eats there omgah.  i also finally got to try shake shack!  i have to say it was pretty impressive.  i ordered the shack stack, which comes with a deliciously deep-fried mushroom slice inside (as pictured above).


this pic right here is my dad and me at battery park getting our caricatures done.  it’s funny, cuz we thought it would be $5, which is a solid deal… but turns out 2 ppl was $15 then they forced us to get a frame for it, which was an additional $25, making a total of $40.  we’re okay with it, cuz we were supporting starving artists, but i’m not 100% satisfied with the way it came out, cuz it seems like she just draws the same face structure for everyone.  and especially because the next day as we walked around central park, i realized all the individual artists were charging $10, but they were sooo much more legit.  we probably walked by a dozen different artists, but the difference is that these central park artists probably actually drew the examples they had on display, since they were all individually signed with their names.  also, i realized the sign of a true artist is if they have already drawn pieces of work that you can recognize – like if you can identify the celebrity they drew immediately, then that means that artist is sure to draw a caricature that is true to you and emphasizing your characteristics.  so, if you can recognize someone they’ve already drawn, you’ll probably be drawn just as accurately.  i’m still glad we got our caricature done, and i’ll still put it up in my dorm room at UCSC when i go this fall.  i’ll also put up these drawings i picked up in central park: they’re ones of NYC in the winter and fall.


now that i’m back home, i’m back to preparing for UCSC.  just ordered transcripts from cornell, de anza, and high school again for the second time, cuz they claimed to not receive the ones i’ve already sent.  i wanna be sure i’m doing it all right and on time, so i’m resend all three transcripts and also order extra copies for myself to hand in in person if they don’t receive the transcripts the second time around.  let’s goooo banana slugs!

have a great wednesday, y’all!




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