why do i feel like a criminal?


hey everyone!

there are so many little things to catch up on now that i’m home.  i’m looking to post the pictures i took in NYC at some point today.  i also voted this morning yay.

so something happened at safeway last night that made me feel like a criminal, which is always an icky feeling:

so i was at safeway last night, and almost got in trouble for nothing.  here’s what happened: i went into the store to pick up a few items.  it was late, i would say around 11pm.  i had something in my pocket, and i was looking for hand-sanitizer wipes – you know those ones by the doors – to clean it off.  but i guess i did it all very smoothly, almost as if i were robbing something and putting it back in my pocket, cuz it caught the attention of the security guard who was paroling the store.  i also happened to be looking at employees left and right cuz i kinda wanted to ask someone where the pepto bismol was (i’ve been having an upset stomach lately), but i ended up looking for it myself…which probably made me look even more sketch cuz it left me walking around the store randomly and aimlessly and making awkward eye contact with employees.  then after i found my items, i made some light conversation with the cashier who rang me up, paid, and left.

on my way out, the security guard (who i happened to eye curiously on my way in and vice versa) went up to the cashier that rang me up.  and at this point in the night, there was like no one else around, since it was around 11pm.  then both the security guard had a low conversation with the cashier and lightly gestured at me.  i guess my conscience is always guilty, because my instinct was to keep walking away and avoid the hassle of having a convo with them, cuz i knew i was innocent.  i figured i would save both me and them time by avoiding the conversation.  at the time, i also just couldn’t figure out why they were trying to hunt me down.  i was honestly just worried the security guard saw me texting while i was parking or that i might’ve accidentally parked in a handicap space, but i didn’t even want a shot to prove i was innocent, cuz that would also be an opportunity for them to accuse me of something i didn’t do.  my mind was racing as they walked out of the store together following me, especially because i thought there a rule about employees not being able to follow a customer outside of the store for any reason and because i’ve never seen that happen before.  but oddly enough, after they left the store together to follow me, i expected them to call out for me to stop, but neither of them did.  as i drove away, i noticed neither of them were outside anymore.  crisis averted.

so, i’m pretty sure what happened is that the security guard pointed me out to the cashier, the cashier didn’t know who the security guard was referring to, then realized it was me and dismissed the whole situation.  the thing is that this cashier has worked at this local safeway for as long as i can remember, ever since i was a little kid.  so i’m pretty sure she let the whole thing slide, cuz she knew i was innocent.  in terms of my own mindset, even tho i hadn’t done anything wrong, i also didn’t want to invite a conversation with a security guard who suspected me of a crime.  can’t afford to be getting in trouble anymore.

i realized in hindsight it must’ve been me slipping things in and out of my pocket lol.  i feel like a criminal again!



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