back home from nyc! that trip flew by.


hey everyone,

i’m back to blogging with my full attention now.  i’ve been in NYC these past few days and have been trying to steal time to blog.  i ended up taking close to 400 photos, and i actually really like all of them.  they came out well.  i’ll post a greater majority of them on facebook later.  this trip was SO much fun!!! traveling is the best, especially when you’re trying to spend money.

it’s crazy to think i was just there this morning.  so this is what we did on our last day: we went to highline, which was previously a railroad track and is now an awesome pathway.  we walked down to chelsea market and got some gelato and relaxed.  then we headed to penn station to take NJ transit to the airport, grabbed some beers at the airport – we drank soo much this trip.  anyways, and now we’re back after a direct flight.  my dad was able to watch 2.5 movies on the flight, and i watched 2 movies.  i remember on my way there last week, i watched “how to be single.”  i typically don’t watch trashy comedies (you know, those romcoms that always have horrible rotten tomatoes ratings), but the mood struck me.  then on the way back to cali today, i watched “the danish girl” and “sisters.”  “sisters” was just another comedy with tina fey and amy poehler, which was not as good as i thought it would be considering how funny that pair is.

now i’m back home and ready to vote tomorrow!

life is GOOOOOOOD. 🙂



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