how cool would it be to actually live here?


hey everyone!

i’m still in nyc with fam and will be returning home tmrw late afternoon.  this trip has been so much fun!  definitely a lot of fond memories made.  i think the highlight was definitely being able to see and reconnect with family members.  in fact, we’ll all be at a wedding together this july in rhode island, and we’ve made plans to head to hawaii this thanksgiving.  i also may head to australia with my parents in august in addition to some other trips like an oregon family friend trip may come up in july as well in their vacation home, and i can visit my friend in san diego at some point as well.  lots of plans spread throughout this summer.

being nyc reminds me of living on a college campus.  there’s always people around, and you don’t really have time to worry about your life cuz you’re so busy living it. everyone’s doing their own thing and in their own rhythm, and yet we all manage to fit together and move in harmony to make the city come alive.


today, we woke up, got dim sum in chinatown, walked across the brooklyn bridge to brooklyn, rode a crousel there, rode a ferry to get to the financial district, walked around the financial district, chatted in front of the hudson river, went to my brother’s apartment, ate at a nice mexican restaurant, went to an SF bar to watch the warriors game, and now we are unwinding in our hotel room.

sooo many pics to come!



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