yesterday and today in NYC so far


hey guys,

i finally have a chance to get on my computer, so i’ll update you while i can.

so i didn’t sleep at all on the red-eye flight leaving me a bit tired the next day.  nevertheless, we accomplished a lot!  as i have mentioned earlier, this trip has been a lot about family.

we’re staying in the hilton times square on their top floor, which is the 44th floor.  yesterday, we ate at west way diner, checked out battery park and the statue of liberty, got a caricature drawn of us, visited our cousin’s place, climbed up to the cloisters, had a grill sesh on the roof, watched fiddler on the roof on broadway with my brother and his gf, checked out a pingpong nightclub (yup you heard me right), and had a fiasco in a cab.

the fiasco wassss…basically there was one crazy guy that jumped onto the front of our cab, reached his arms into the car, then cracked the windshield.

totally passed out last night.

and in terms of today, we (my dad, my brother, and i) have checked out madison square park, ate at shake shack, walked around, hung out at my brother’s apartment, checked out my brother’s workplace, went to central park, and we are now back at the hotel to meet up with more people later for a nice family dinner with the 7 of us.

i’ve been taking soo many pics, so i’ll definitely clue you in on what’s all been going on through a photo album some point in the near future.  i wish i could and had time to update y’all in more detail, but there’s just not the time rn. btw my foot is so much better!

hope you’re all having a great weekend too, all!



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